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Porcelain Veneer – $410 | US average price – $1,100
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Porcelain Veneers$410$1,100$690
Zirconia Veneers$470$1,600$1,130
Composite Veneers$210$800$590
Temporary Veneers$80$150$70
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Improve Your Smile!

Dental Veneers

are a popular and effective way to have a snow-white smooth smile without any defect!

Dental Veneer

Dental Veneers are very thin ceramic plates. Due to veneers, it is possible to correct the form of one or more teeth. It is also possible to select color and size. 

Veneers are recommended in the case of: 

  • Diastema (large gap between the teeth)
  • Chipping
  • Enamel color change
  • Non-aesthetic tooth form
  • Filling in the front teeth.

Veneers are NOT recommended in the case of: 

  • Very thin, weakened teeth
  • Devitalized tooth (with a nerve removed)
  • Bruxism (non-intentional teeth grinding during sleep)
  • Occlusion pathology. 

Only a dentist can answer if dental veneers may installed on your teeth!


  1. Diagnostics. A dentist will examine your teeth, inform you about the plan and price of veneer installation.
  2. Preparation. For reliable fixing of veneer, the tooth on which the application will be installed must be ground. At this stage, a 0.3-0.7mm layer of enamel is removed.
  3. Manufacture. A dentist makes a tooth impression, and the laboratory will manufacture a veneer by the imprint. It will take a few days. Due to the fact that the teeth will become sensitive after grinding it will be necessary to install temporary applications.
  4. Installation. Before the installation, the teeth are polished and treated with a special solution. After that, the veneer is fixed on the tooth by glue.

Care of veneers

In case of correct care, veneers can be worn for many years. The main rule is not to put a serious trial on them, i.e., not to open bottles with teeth, not to open pistachios etc. 

Cost. In the United States, 1 Porcelain Veneer costs  $1,100. In our clinics, it costs $410. You may save up to $690!

Top 5 Questions and Answers about Dental Veneers:
If you desire a more beautiful and attractive smile and want to look younger and feel better about yourself, porcelain veneers may be right for you. In the instance where porcelain veneers cannot be used, our dentists can recommend a fitting alternative.
The cost of 1 dental veneer in our clinics is $410, but fees may vary based on the complexity of your particular treatment.
Request a quote, and you will receive prices of your treatment upfront.
If you do not place veneers on every tooth, it can be a small challenge to match the color of the other teeth. But we can often match veneers to our patients’ teeth on site.
The post-procedure experience is similar to getting a filling. You might have some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, which should disappear in a few days.
Porcelain veneers can last for years. Veneers are quite stain-resistant. After several years, they might begin to develop minor stains, but they generally maintain their structure and color for some time.
Dental Veneers - is the fastest way to improve your smile!

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