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3-Unit Bridge – $605 | US average price – $2,500
Save up to $1,895

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3-Unit Bridge$605$2,500$1,895
Maryland Bridge$200$1,200$1,000
PFM Bridge$760$900$140
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Restore your missing tooth!

Dental Bridge

is a fixed dental restoration used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants.

Dental bridge

The loss of even just 1 tooth becomes a problem for us. And more than just aesthetic, because the loss of the tooth additionally creates a load on other teeth, shifting the entire row of teeth, distorting the outlines of the face, disrupting the processes of chewing food. 

Why choose 3-unit dental bridges: 

  • Replace teeth for biting and chewing
  • Keep teeth from shifting
  • Crowns can serve as restorations for anchoring teeth that have damage or decay

Procedure. Prior to start procedure, diagnostics are performed. It is followed by several steps:

  • Shaping the teeth that will support the dental bridge
  • Taking impression of your teeth
  • Manufacturing a dental bridge that precisely fits your mouth and bites in the dental laboratory
  • Manufacture of temporary plastic crowns and temporary fixation of such crowns with cement
  • Fitting a dental bridge, and checking your bite
  • Dental bridge cementing or bonding in place

Cost. In the United States, 3-Unit Bridge NYC costs  $2,500. In our clinics, it costs $605. You may save up to $1,895!

Top 5 Questions and Answers about Dental Bridges
Most people are suitable candidates for dental bridges. However, your adjacent teeth must be healthy enough to support the restoration. In general, dental bridges are recommended as an alternative for patients who are not candidates for Dental Implants.
The cost of a 3-unit dental bridge in our clinics is $605, but fees may vary based on the complexity of your particular treatment.
Request a quote, and you will receive prices of your treatment upfront.
Your dental bridge will make eating easier than it was with a missing tooth. Your dental bridge will also make it easier to speak, eliminating many of the speech issues commonly associated with missing teeth.
You should care for your dental bridge the same way you care for your natural teeth by brushing and flossing twice daily and undergoing regular dental cleanings.
If you care for your dental bridge, it should last as long as your teeth will naturally last.
Dental Bridge - is the fastest way to restore missing tooth!

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